Transforming ourselves to reinvent energy

In affirming its ambition to be a major player in the energy transition and to achieve net carbon neutrality by 2050, together with society , TotalEnergies has committed to profoundly transforming its production and sales while continuing to meet the energy needs of a growing population. The Company is developing a wide range of energies in an integrated approach in order to decarbonize its supply and generate a competitive advantage that will create long-term value.

On one hand, the energy transition depends on the development of new carbon-free molecules (biofuels and biogas, clean hydrogen, and synthetic fuels combining hydrogen and carbon), the production of which is at the heart of TotalEnergies’ expertise.
We are expanding in these markets with a focus on circular resource management .

On the other hand, the energy transition involves the electrification of energy uses, which requires a massive increase in the supply of green electrons. TotalEnergies is working across the entire renewable electricity chain (production, storage, trading and sales) with a selective and profitable approach.
Our goal is to rank among the top five global producers of solar and wind electricity by 2030.

Concerning gas, which is a transition fuel, TotalEnergies is pursuing its development throughout the liquefied natural gas (LNG) value chain to strengthen its position as the world’s third largest LNG company. LNG plays a key role in the net zero roadmaps of numerous coal-consuming countries and is the ideal partner for intermittent renewable energies.

As for oil, the Company is highly selective and focuses its investments on low breakeven and low emissions projects.

Our integrated and multi-energy strategy, combined with our financial robustness, are strengths and sources of resilience that will allow us to become the major player in sustainable energy that the world needs and to make the most of these changes.

Our ambition

Our carbon-free multi-energy offer